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Brain Machine Interfacing is making telekinesis a reality for a select few.

The Artificial Intelligence market is a booming $40 billion industry, the US military funding 80 percent of it. Talk to soldiers in Afghanistan, read Congressional transcripts: Brain Machine Interfacing is what the Pentagon is betting on. But when pioneering research is pushed off the rails by a company with a twisted agenda, the results can be monstrous…

Three months ago Kristen Crede was a typical college kid looking forward to the weekend’s bonfire party at the beach. Now she’s a triple amputee, outcasted after an accident that shattered her body and spirit. Doc Prophet convinces her to be the first patient of triple prosthetics controlled remotely by a wireless neural implant.

Except the implant is not as it should be. Disquieting things happen as she learns to reach with her mind, and the only person who seems to know all she’s capable of is a menacing stranger. If Kristen doesn’t do exactly what he says, he’ll hurt her family. If she does what he wants, she’s as good as dead. 


Welcome to the underground world of garage biotech.

Owen Chancellor is a college kid biopunk with a garage lab, a circuit’s eye for recognizing patterns, and he’s had it with the stagnant state of medicine.  His beloved brother is dying from an untreatable disease, already living off stolen time.  

Desperate and burnt out on the orthodox system of investigational drug testing, Owen searches on his own for a cure until an accidental self-injection changes the course of his research and the startling results have him running for his life…