Sharon Doering grew up in the Chicago suburbs, the youngest child of a night-shift nurse and civil engineer. Captivated by National Geographic magazines and adventure novels, she went to the University of Illinois with plans to become the female version of Indiana Jones, even living in Central America for a stitch before she changed her game plan. Drawn to the natural sciences, she was awarded a Howard Hughes fellowship at U of I and ended up earning a Master’s degree in Biotechnology from Northwestern University.

All the while, her mind was a simmering pot of ‘What If’ thriller scenarios, and the itch to write fiction grew.

She has worked as a biotech market analyst, appearing on CNN and in the pages of WSJ and IBD, and conducted research as part of a xenotransplantation team. She has also waited tables, tended bar, and cleaned houses, and she’s pretty sure these jobs in the service industry taught her the most valuable life skills. Like the fine art of telling an angry and intoxicated person they’re cut off and how to make change quickly.

Coming full circle to her big plans for adventure and incorporating her passion for science along the way, she has published two techno thrillers, Knockdown and Interfaced, both founded on existing, bleeding-edge technologies. One of her short fiction pieces was nominated for a Pushcart.

She teaches biology at Columbia College Chicago and lives in the Chicago area with her brilliant-scientist husband, three wild children, and peculiarly civilized dog, Indy.